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We work on increasing global opportunities and innovation through establishing impact-driven relationships through our network as a mentor or mentee and provide the Platform for the networking.

experts network program

No good idea should be left behind, we believe anyone that has the drive and a great idea should get their opportunity to put it out to the world.

01. Choose

Choose the new clients, investors & leaders you want to reach.

02. Ask!

Upload a 2-minute intro video. Ask for what you need.

03. Assess

Receive the response via audio or video within 10 business days.

04. Build rapport

Just like any meeting or pitch, the leader will follow up further if they want to learn more about your business.

Reach out to an expert

current Residents

Resident startups enjoy being situated in the CCC tower, a very modern and well utilized structure that puts them at the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem champion, Bank of Palestine.

resident startups
In-direct beneficiaries

Startup falcon

Startup Falcon is a valuation calculator tool for early stage startups. Using our valuation calculator is more reliable and less time consuming than using traditional valuation methods. Our AI-Powered tool is based on globally recognized startup valuation methods that were devised by investors to get valuations for early stage startups.

E-Commerce training mentor

Lana Abu Hijleh

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

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Can you provide value for entrepreneurs?

We welcome you to register in our network of experts and deliver value and insight to the leaders and barrier-breakers of Palestine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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