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introduction to data science, blockchain, cryptocurrecy & web development

Whether you’re considering a career change to Data Science or simply looking to expand your skill set to stand out in the job market, join us to explore the different aspects of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI today.

First steps program

Taking your technical skills to the next level and grounding your knowledge in data science.

web development

Data science

current Residents

Resident startups enjoy being situated in the CCC tower, a very modern and well utilized structure that puts them at the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem champion, Bank of Palestine.

resident startups
In-direct beneficiaries

Startup falcon

Startup Falcon is a valuation calculator tool for early stage startups. Using our valuation calculator is more reliable and less time consuming than using traditional valuation methods. Our AI-Powered tool is based on globally recognized startup valuation methods that were devised by investors to get valuations for early stage startups.

E-Commerce training mentor

Lana Abu Hijleh

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

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become familiar with the web

You are welcome to apply and state your interest in benefiting from our Web Development and Data Science training and course.


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